Diana Black


Dripping Springs, TX


A native Texan, Diana grew up along the South Texas Gulf Coast and came from a very close knit family. "Once the school year ended, our family, along with our three dogs, would load up on our boat and head for Redfish Bay where we spent our summers together. My brother and I spent a lot of time fishing, snorkeling, discovering nearby islands, and gazing at the stars from our cots on the back deck. At the time, I didn't realize what a huge part this would play in molding who I am. It gave me a real appreciation for family and for nature." In the early 70's, Diana's cousin, Mack, introduced her to black and white photography and taught her how to process her own black and white film and develop the prints. "It was very kind of him to take the time to train me. He set me up with a camera, an enlarger, and various other needed tools. I was a teenager living at home so my bedroom and half bath became my processing/developing space. It was great!" Diana's photography interest has stayed strong through the years.

Diana also enjoys art. She started painting in the early 80's, her original medium of choice being oils. "Once Dennis and I married and started our family, not only was finding time to paint a challenge, but it was also impossible to find that out-of-the-way place to dry the paintings. We have two sons and a daughter; Jonathan, Brian, and Lauren who at that time were very young. Little hands are precious but, believe me, they are like magnets to wet paintings." Since that time, Diana has used various other mediums but most enjoys working with acrylics, graphite, and wax based colored pencils. In the mid 90's, Dennis and Diana moved the family away from the coast to the small community of Dripping Springs, west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. "We are surrounded by nature here in Texas from beautiful wildflowers to various interesting birds and animals. I just love Texas! I am constantly amazed at how our Creator has designed our world with such intricate detail. It's an awesome privilege just to have the opportunity of trying to capture a piece of that beauty. If it happens to come together through my art or photography, I know it is a God thing… for that I am grateful."

"Thank you for visiting my site and looking through my galleries. I love to hear from my visitors, please feel free to leave a message if you feel inclined to."

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Early Morning Beauty - Square by Diana Black


Bursting Red by Diana Black


Good Mornin' Sunshine by Diana Black


Fresh Start by Diana Black


Sepia Sunflower by Diana Black


Collection Day by Diana Black


Quinched by Diana Black


Ladybug Ladybug by Diana Black


Granite Outcropping by Diana Black


Bee Thankful by Diana Black


A Little Piece of Heaven BW by Diana Black


Fragrant Beauty by Diana Black


Earthy Hues by Diana Black


Catclaw Mimosa by Diana Black


Of Scent And Beauty by Diana Black


On A Thread by Diana Black


Winged Sipper by Diana Black


Black Beauty by Diana Black


Magnificent Monarch by Diana Black


Sun Goddess by Diana Black


Springtime Is Here by Diana Black


Dark And Delicate by Diana Black


Serious Business by Diana Black


Sycamore Creek by Diana Black


Tropical Beauty by Diana Black


Wild Beauties by Diana Black


Hang Tight by Diana Black


Portrait Of A Pelican by Diana Black


Pelican Liftoff by Diana Black


Grazing Fawn by Diana Black


Puffs of Fragrance by Diana Black


Texas Roadside Bling by Diana Black


Dancing With A Pelican by Diana Black


Pretty In Pink by Diana Black


Floating With The Wind by Diana Black


Fully Armored by Diana Black


The Watchful Fox by Diana Black


Paper Lanterns by Diana Black


Country Blues by Diana Black


Dancing Among Rocks by Diana Black


Change Is Coming by Diana Black


A Little Piece of Heaven by Diana Black


Sippin' The Sweets by Diana Black


Got The Blues by Diana Black